Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewelry is also called costume jewelry, mainly for the reason that it is not made of precious metals and stones, rather lighter and cheaper material are used. Fashion jewelry is trend-conscious and keeps on changing as per changing needs. For those who are open to experimentation with new and unusual designs, shapes and colours, costume jewelry offers plethora of choices. Rather than using precious ingredients, like gold, silver, platinum and white gold, fashion jewelry designers use cheap products, like jute, leather, peppier mache, bakelite plastic, wood, bone, stone, oxidized metal, horn, lac, terracotta, etc.

Fashion jewelry is almost like an imitation of real jewelry and has been considered cheaper copy of the latter. It is widely available and is pretty light-weight, which forms one of its USP also. The process of making costume jewellery is such that its look deceives for original and authentic version. In place of precious stones, artificial stones, such as cubic zirconia and rhinestones, are used. Such jewelry is available in several colors and looks very attractive. At the same time, it’s readily available and has economical prices.